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Basically, the idea that launched Closed in 1968, was quite simple: to create the first Italian Denim label. That was it. That's it, in French in the text. IT. And here is their first name, perfect for a brand that wanted to offer practical sportswear of radical design. The two French stylists  (and legends) Marithé and François Girbaud are convinced and decide to launch the brand, ancestor of Closed. A unique and different concept. But trouble begins when an international chain of clothing stores (we don't need to say their name...) does not like this name at all and files a complaint, bearing the number 11342.  So why not take this number as a name? Ultimate thumb of the nose. As soon as said, as soon as done.

Two years later the case was closed. Or as they say in English legal jargon, Closed. The name has remained, until today, not to forget the revolutionary origins of the brand. Closed is a brand that has never forgotten its origins, that has been innovating for decades and that is at the forefront of fashion. And that's why we love it a lot at Dapper. A protean chameleon that has defied the years, styles, trends, and surprises us with each new collection. The invention of X-Pockets (inclined at 33 degrees to allow easier access), it is them in 1978. The iconic Pedal and Pusher jeans are still them. Think of the craziest jeans you've seen, there's a good chance that Closed is behind it, and that the idea is germinated in the Girbauds' heads. 

The brand was sold in the early 90s to the Germans Hans Leplow and Günther Giers, partners in Hamburg, then taken over in 2001 by Günther Giers' son, Gordon and Til Nadler and Hans Redlefsen, his friends. 

French inspiration, Italian know-how, German tradition - all these influences transport their products all over the world and have ensured its longevity in the complex world of fashion. They shape the brand, its operation, its way of producing and thinking about clothing.

Because Closed also knows how to reinvent herself, and think of new ways to produce her clothes. And we also like it a lot at Dapper: when a big brand, more than 50 years old, decides to shake up its production methods, its supply areas, to adopt a more responsible and environmentally friendly operation, while maintaining its inimitable style. Because when a big brand embarks on such a process, we can only applaud and support it. This gives their label, A Better Blue, collection of ecological denim, based on a growing share of organic cotton and innovative materials with low ecological impact (Tencel type, from recycled wood and cotton scrap, to make cellulose fibers).

This is also reflected geographically with 80% of their production now based in Europe, because they find the best quality, ancient know-how and the shortest distances. They have long-standing partners with whom they work on continuity with several generations of employees. Their cotton yarn and fabrics come from Europe (Italy for the most part), the finest silk comes from China, their cotton is made in Portugal or Romania. All their Denim canvas is woven, sewn and washed out in Italy (this has been the case since their first pair of jeans). Their canvas is woven by Candiani, the masters in Italy, with a traditional spinning mill and with 40% organic cotton. Then the company Everest takes care of the washing using new innovative and ecological processes without water, polluting chemicals and with very low electricity consumption). And finally Paul SPA sews their jeans (since 1968). The advantage with these 3 companies? They form the Denim triangle of Closed, and are located only a few dozen kilometers from each other in northern Italy. It is also with them that Closed developed the label A Better Blue. 

Closed But the little plus is also their collaboration with new brands, a way to keep the freshness and creativity of their beginnings, and to constantly put the work back on the job. Whether with the Swiss eyewear manufacturer VIU, the Japanese luxury brand United Arrows, the Bergdorf Goodman department store, or the Italian Société Anonyme for a great streetwear collection, or this year with the British Nigel Cabourn, they are constantly pushing their limits. 

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