Moonstar - Sneakers Gym Classic - White Ecru


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    Moonstar - Sneakers Gym Classic - White Ecru

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    Moonstar (which is also behind Shoes Like Pottery and Doek) offers us here its cult version of the "Gym Classic" sneaker, the real original bass sneaker of the 60s, redesigned and remodeled for the modern world and a more varied use.

    Manufactured in the Kurume factory in western Japan since 1873, Moonstar uses a multitude of traditional techniques to create minimalist and functional shoes. They are built from a 100% ultra-resistant cotton canvas (the "Good Weaver" canvas) made using the "Kurume Kasuri" technique that takes about 3 months to be woven. They are all sewn and assembled by hand in the Kurume factory, then the canvas is covered with a layer of rubber according to the traditional vulcanization process (or each shoe is baked). The sneakers have a classic reinforced toe tip (to protect your little toes) and a high-grip outsole.

    Vulcanized rubber is a process that was invented in 1844. Natural rubber is mixed with sulfur and then heated in the oven. Heat changes the chemical structure of the material creating cross-linking between polymers to make them stronger and more durable. The name is inspired by Vulcan, the Roman god of fire.

    This very rare process gives makes the material stronger and more flexible and gives each shoe a unique finish. Hence the moonstar's reputation for being some of the strongest and most durable sneakers in the world. They are designed to withstand rainy, snowy and muddy weather conditions. Ultra-resistant, they are also super comfortable and will delight your little feet.

    • Manufactured in a Kurume factory in western Japan
    • Hand-sewn and assembled
    • 100% cotton canvas
    • Vulcanized rubber
    • Integrated ventilation eyelets
    • True to size (but for novices in Japanese shoes, these usually fit quite large)
    • High grip outsole
    • Heel and tip reinforcement
    • Cushioned sole
    • Unisex size


    In case of doubt about your size do not hesitate to contact us by email for more information! Moonstars cut a little differently (like all Japanese shoes). FYI, their range of sizes is as follows:

    • US 7 - UK 6 - CM 25 - EUR 40
    • US 8 - UK 7 - CM 26 - EUR 41
    • US 9 - UK 8 - CM 27 - EUR 42
    • US 10 - UK 9 - CM 28 - EUR 43
    • US 11 - UK 10 - CM 29 - EUR 44
    • US 12 - UK 11 - CM 30 - EUR 45

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